Our approach – giving you a free cost-reduction service

You’re wondering how we can save your business money, and still offer our services at no cost to you.

It’s because we have a unique business model that gives you reduced costs and provides our suppliers with high-quality clients. We charge you nothing, and simply take a fee from the suppliers who offer you better value services.

Why our cost-reduction model gives you better value

Traditional cost reduction consultants can take up to 50% of the money you save.

We think that just creates a culture of doing things on the cheap, sacrificing quality. You end up with substandard service, the supplier gets a much smaller profit, and the consultant walks away with a big fee.

It’s lose for you, lose for the supplier, and win for the consultant.

We think that’s wrong. It’s also time consuming as the consultant has to keep coming back to you to justify his or her monthly invoices for savings.

We’re different – we offer you savings, service and quality. You don’t pay us a penny, and because our money comes solely from suppliers we have to perform – if we don’t, we don’t get paid.

Better still, we’re not just cost-cutters. We help you identify savings by finding ways of reducing consumption and usage. Traditional consultants are less motivated to do this for you – there’s less in it for them. For us, it’s a central part of our aim to give you lower costs, more efficient working practices and good, ongoing relationships with your suppliers.

So, give the traditional consultants a miss – try cost-reduction from ATP that’s designed with you in mind. Contact us now for no-obligation advice on reducing your business costs.