Cut marketing costs and get better returns

Did you know that the average FTSE 250 company spends over 17% of turnover on sales and marketing?

If you also invest in marketing to promote your business, you need to be sure that you are getting a measurable return on your investment.

While you need creative risk to deliver exceptional marketing, it is possible to manage the risk associated with new marketing activities.

With over 25 years’ experience helping businesses in over 30 countries, we use the latest analytical techniques and software to help your company:

  • Measure and control marketing risks
  • Increase revenue and profits from the same investment
  • Reduce spend levels without damaging revenues (typically 9%-12%)
  • Improve revenue (typically 3%-8%) and profits (typically 4%-24%)

We can also use the same techniques to:

  • Assist at the due diligence stage of company sale or acquisition
  • Determine the effects of strategy, pricing and promotions on your products and those of your competitors.

But before you decide whether to scrutinise your marketing spend and activities, take a look at this example:

If you have revenue of £12m, and your marketing spend is 15%, then you could cut approximately 11% from that budget and still maintain the same revenue by reallocating spend to the most effective marketing activities.

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