Wholesale Communications Opportunity

The result of the Ofcom strategic review in 2007 has given all telecommunication providers equal access to line ordering and install times to bring them in line with BT Retail. This means that ALL carriers since then, have equal access and delivery from both BT Wholesale and Openreach. As the BT Wholesale platform has now become deregulated, the opportunity has arisen for commercial enterprises to move “further up the food chain”, and create a trading partnership directly with both BT Wholesale and Openreach.

This means that ATP clients can now gain access to this unique service, providing them with the same status as traditional tier one carriers whilst eliminating the need to go through them to obtain BT’s product offering.


ATP’s partner has a direct relationship with both BT wholesale and Openreach and has a platform that can bring both elements together. This then allows ATP clients the ability to purchase all services on a Wholesale Tariff. Whilst BT Wholesale are the “default provider” of wholesale calls and data services such as Ethernet, MPLS and Fibre to the Cabinet, the flexibility within this model allows you to select services from ANY other Telecoms provider - but on a Wholesale basis and with no punitive contracts.


ATP are not endeavouring to become an alternative supplier, but merely enabling the corporate sector access to a set of tools, to cut out the Tier one carriers and ISP’s and purchase ALL products and services directly from BT Wholesale (who they all buy from anyway!)


  • Improvement in service delivery. You will have direct access into BT wholesale and Openreach, thus avoiding the need to go through third parties.
  • Significant cost reduction. All products and services are at true wholesale rates often saving 30% to 40%.
  • Operational efficiency. The portal will allow you to order and provision lines, fault detect, live line test etc. in real time.
  • Effectively removing the need to go through the annual or bi-annual tendering process.
  • Improved disaster recovery procedures.
  • Reconciling all billing.
  • Improved international status with foreign providers.
  • Revenue income, if required.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team at info@accesstoprofit.com for further information or to see some recent case studies.